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Mulk Physiotherapy Center is an elite medical facility based in Sharjah, UAE. We offer Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation, Home care Physiotherapy, Back-Neck-Knee Pain Relief, Child Physiotherapy and Women’s Care Programs under one roof. Our main focus is to help our patient restore movement and function when affected by injury, illness or disability. Our main goal is to evaluate and maximize the human function, movement and offer our patients a pain-free life.


Our physiotherapists will provide individually tailored physiotherapy treatment for back pain and neck pain. It includes consultation, physical assessment, treatment using best-in-class physio equipment to relieve pain, tailored physio exercises to help you strengthen your back and avoid the same or similar problems in the future. In addition, we offer programmes and tips for pain relief and stress. We can help you to return to your daily life activities pain-free & strong. For the best physiotherapy pain relief consultation, schedule a call or visit our clinic in Sharjah.


Our Homecare department offers home physiotherapy for all patients who are not permitted to travel (post neck or back surgery), bed-bound patients and patients with severe difficulty moving. Our home physiotherapists will educate and enable family members or caregivers to perform exercises and techniques to improve the movements and speedy recovery. We have specially skilled home physiotherapists and physio equipment to offer all kinds of physiotherapy services at the comfort of your home and office. For more details, and home physiotherapy prices, contact our reception today!

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