Workplace Ergonomics

Mulk Workplace Ergonomics


Adjusting the works space to the needs of employees is one of the most important aspects of improving happiness and satisfaction levels of the people you work with and it leads to increased productivity as well as reduced absence from work due to sickness rate.
During our interactive workshops, we focus on helping people to:
> Reduce physical and mental stress
> Increase resilience, clarity of mind and focus
> Teach them physical and mental exercises to be healthier and happier.
All through understanding our body and how the body can affect our thinking processes.

Ergonomics Programmes

Many companies invest in expensive equipment and employees fail to use it fully because they don’t know how or they are not aware of all the benefits they can get from it.

We are not only teaching you how to use ergonomic equipment but helping you to understand benefits of it; how the body can help you to reduce stress and discomfort due to long sitting and hard work, think clearly, be confident and much more.

Work Place Design
Mulk Workplace Ergonomics


The focus of our workshops is on how to minimize effects of external and internal environment like pain, physical discomfort, emotional stress, the temperature in the environment, noise pollution; and why are we are doing it:
> To increase resilience and clarity of mind
> Reduce stress and absence from work
> Improve focus and our ability to solve problems
> Improve our relationships with people we work with
These workshops are specifically tailored to suit your environment and your specific needs. Call us for the assessment meeting and find out more about how we can help you.